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7 Rules for Sending Greeting Cards

1) Send the real thing! e-Cards are entirely too common, and rarely show the attention to detail that sending a real card demonstrates.

2) Personalize it! Never limit yourself to the message that came in the card. Always add your own personal touch or flair.

3) Never use address labels for the recipient, or metered postage. Use a stamp and handwrite or type the envelope.

4) When complimenting someone in your card, be specific with them about what it is you like about them. Don't just say you're a good person, be more specific (example: 'I like having you as a friend because you take a sincere interest in the things that matter to me!').

5) Make sending cards a habit instead of an occasional afterthought. You'll find your relationships will grow as you express yourself to the people that matter to you.

6) Don't wait for special occasions to send a card. Holidays and birthdays are great, but an unexpected card for no particular reason can have a great impact too!

7) Don't print it, stuff and send it yourself. Let us do that for you!